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80s Underground: 12.15.20
December 15, 2020 05:34 PM PST
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GENE LOVES JEZEBEL – Shame (Immigrant) 1985
SNAKE CORPS – Miracle (Flesh on Flesh) 1985
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Crystal Days (Ocean Rain) 1984
THE LUCY SHOW – Lap of the Gods (Remembrances) 1985
ULTRAVOX – Sleepwalk (Vienna) 1980
COMSAT ANGELS – Independence Day (Waiting for a Miracle) 1980
CLAN OF XYMOX – Michelle (Medusa) 1986
VISAGE – The Damned Don’t Cry (single) 1982
GANG OF FOUR – What We All Want (Solid Gold) 1981
BLUE IN HEAVEN – In Your Eyes (All the Gods men) 1985
PETE SHELLEY – Homosapien (Homosapien) 1981
PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Here Come Cowboys (Mirror Moves) 1984
SECRET AFFAIR – When the Show Is Over (Behind Closed Doors) 1980
DIRTY LOOKS – Love Crimes (s/t) 1980
ALTERED IMAGES – Pinky Blue (Pinky Blue) 1982
THE FLIRTS – We Just Wanna Dance (10 Cents a Dance) 1982
BOW WOW WOW - Chihuahua (See Jungle…) 1981
DEVO – Time Out For Fun (Oh No, It’s Devo) 1982
XTC – Senses Working Overtime (English Settlement) 1982
SPLIT ENZ – Dirty Creature (Time & Tide) 1982
SQUEEZE – Hits of the Year (Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti) 1985
LLOYD COLE – Rattlesnakes (Rattlesnakes) 1984
AZTEC CAMERA – All I Need is Everything (Knife) 1984
THE WOODENTOPS – Give it Time (Giant) 1986
THE SERVANTS – A Sun a Small Star (single) 1986
THE LILAC TIME – Return to Yesterday (single) 1987
MICRODISNEY – Town to Town (single) 1987
JAMES – Sit Down (single) 1989
THE CHILLS – House With a Hundred Rooms (single) 1987
STRAITJACKET FITS - Sparkle That Shines (Hail) 1988
UPS AND DOWNS – The Perfect Crime (single) 1985

December 08, 2020 05:30 PM PST
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Who made the cut?

Listen and find out...as the 80s Underground counts down the TOP 25 ALBUMS from 1985!

80s Underground: 11.25.20
November 25, 2020 08:00 PM PST
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INTAFERON – Baby Pain (single) 1984
VOICE OF AMERICA – I Will Tell (12” single) 1988
FURNITURE – Brilliant Mind (12” single) 1986
THE VENETIANS – Chinese I’s (12” single) 1983
WHITE CHINA – Real World (7” single) 1984
THE OTHER ONES – All The Love (s/t) 1986
COLOUR SCREAM – Dance No More (Living & Dying EP) 1988
BREEDING GROUND – Reunion (s/t EP) 1982
PLAY DEAD – This Side of Heaven (Company of Justice) 1985
ABECEDARIANS – Dinner (Resin) 1987
ALMOST ALONE - Dancing To Kill (single) 1984
THE GATHERING – The Waiting (Let It Shine EP) 1988
CORN DOLLIES – Nothing of You (Wrecked) 1989
FIRST MAN OVER – It’s Happening (s/t) 1986
THE DARROWS – Is It You (Cellar Into Eaves) 1986
NEW MARINES – Diving For Pearls (Diving For Pearls EP) 1985
CROCODILE SHOP – April Reigns (Head EP) 1987
EVEN THE ODD – I’ll Wait (s/t) 1989
THE DOWNSIDERS – I Wanna Drive (All My Friends My Fish) 1988
UV PROM – Mobile Home Murder (Field of Vision EP) 1985
BLEACHED BLACK – I Can’t Be Happy (Wrist Slashing Romance) 1985
CHAT SHOW – Kings of Confusion (12” single) 1987
THE SEERS – Lightning Strikes (12” single) 1988
FALLING JOYS – You’re in a Mess (single) 1988
FRIENDS AGAIN – State of Art (Trapped & Unwrapped) 1984
PARACHUTE MEN – Sometimes in Vain (The Innocents) 1988

80s Underground: Halloween Podcast!!
October 27, 2020 06:05 PM PDT
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An annual tradition and one of the most coveted shows of the year....two hours of unearthed ghoulish tracks befitting the spirit of All Hallow's Eve!

80s Underground: 10.20.20
October 20, 2020 04:49 PM PDT
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TEARDROP EXPLODES – Bent Out of Shape (Wilder) 1981
THE WOLFGANG PRESS – Heart of Stone (Sweatbox EP) 1985
THE ASSOCIATES – Club Country (single) 1982
THE BLOW MONKEYS – The Man From Russia (single) 1984
SOFT CELL – Down in the Subway (This Last Night in Sodom) 1984
HEAVEN SEVENTEEN – Play to Win (single) 1983
THOMAS DOLBY – Hyperactive (The Flat Earth) 1984
TALKING HEADS – Crosseyed & Painless (Remain in Light) 1980
JAPAN – Quiet Life (Quiet Life) 1979
EIGHT SECONDS – Commissioner Street (Almacantar) 1986
THE THE – Cold Spell Ahead (single) 1981
MAGAZINE – Sweetheart Contract (The Correct Use of Soap) 1980
CLEANERS FROM VENUS – Victoria Grey (Living With Victoria Grey) 1986
ROBYN HITCHCOCK & THE EGYPTIANS – Egyptian Cream (Fegmania) 1985
ONE PLUS TWO – Promise (The Ivy Room) 1985
YO LA TENGO – The Cone of Silence (Ride the Tiger) 1986
THE FEELIES – On The Roof (The Good Earth) 1986
SWIMMING POOL Qs – Little Misfit (The Deep End) 1981
PURE JOY – The Attempt (s/t EP) 1986
THE GATHERING – The Waiting (Let it Shine EP) 1988
CHRISTMAS – Stupid Kids (Ultraprophets of the Psykick Revolution) 1989
REDD KROSS – Lovedolls Superstar (LDS Soundtrack) 1986
VIOLENT FEMMES – Children of the Revolution (The Blind Leading the Naked) 1986
THE PLIMSOULS – Hush Hush (s/t) 1981
ELVIS BROTHERS – Hidden in a Heartbeat (Movin’ Up) 1983
THE CULT – Rain (Love) 1985
THE MISSION – Wasteland (God’s Own Medicine) 1986
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH – Black Girl White Girl (Is Nothing Sacred?) 1983

80s Underground : EU EDITION
July 07, 2020 05:27 PM PDT
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MARY GOES ROUND – Promised Land (Sunset) 1989
ASYLUM PARTY – Play Alone (Borderline) 1989
LITTLE NEMO – Blue Years (Private Life) 1988
TWICE A MAN – Sense (single) 1982
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND – Polarlicht (Sequenz EP) 1987
QUITE SIMPLE – Victims (single) 1987
GIRLS FROM TAHITI – No Reply (Tower of Love EP) 1984
PINK TURNS BLUE – When The Hammer Comes Down (If Two Worlds Kiss) 1987
CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE – Soldier (This Can’t Be Heaven EP) 1987
THE OTHER ONES – All The Love (s/t) 1986
CUNNING TOY – Searching (12” single) 1987
CCCP – American Soviets (single) 1986
TRISOMIE 21 – The Last Song (Chapter IV) 1986
POESIE NOIRE – Timber (single) 1987
TELEX – Exercise is Good For you (Sex) 1981
GRAUZONE – Eisbaer (single) 1981
THE NAMES – Nightshift (Swimming) 1982
LAVVI EBBEL – Much Ado About Nothing (Albu Meth) 1982
KIRLIAN CAMERA – Blue Room (single) 1985
MARTIN DUPONT – I Met the Beast (Sleep is a Luxury) 1985
EVENING LEGIONS – Your Dimension (s/t EP) 1985
THE CUT – I Wish it Was Simple (Shadow Talks) 1981
PROPAGANDA – Jewel (A Secret Wish) 1985
THE ESSENCE – Only For You (single) 1988
KRAFTWERK – Computer World 2 (Computer World) 1981

80s Underground: Tribute to 1982 (Part II)
March 24, 2020 08:04 PM PDT
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MODERN ENGLISH – Someone’s Calling (After The Snow)
ULTRAVOX – Reap The Wild Wind (Hymn)
GANG OF FOUR – I Love a Man in a Uniform
VISAGE – The Damned Don’t Cry (single)
BLANCMANGE – Living on the Ceiling (Happy Families)
YAZ – Too Pieces (Upstairs at Eric’s)
PREFAB SPROUT – Lions in My Own Garden (single)
THE WILD SWANS – Revolutionary Spirit (single)
ICEHOUSE – Uniform (Primitive Man)
SPOONS – Nova Heart (Arias & Symphonies)
FAD GADGET – Life on The Line (Under the Flag)
THE SOUND – All Fall Down (All Fall Down)
THE NAMES – Nightshift (Swimming)
MOEV – Madhatter (Zimmerkampf)
FRONT 242 – U-Men (Geography)
TALK TALK – It’s So Serious (The Party’s Over)
SPARKS – I Predict (Angst In My Pants)
WALL OF VOODOO – Tomorrow (Call Of the West)
BOW WOW WOW – Baby Oh No (I Want Candy)
SOFT CELL – Torch (single)
TREES – Wildwood (Sleep Convention)
MEN WITHOUT HATS – I Like (Rhythm Of Youth)
SQUEEZE – I’ve Returned (Sweets From a Stranger)
MARSHALL CRENSHAW – Someday Someway (s/t)
LOVE TRACTOR – Chilly Damn Willy (s/t)
DREAM SYNDICATE – Tell Me When It’s Over (Days of Wine & Roses)
THE REPLACEMENTS – Kids Don’t Follow (Stink EP)
X – The Hungry Wolf (Under the Big Black Sun)

80s Underground: TRIBUTE TO 1982!
March 17, 2020 04:24 PM PDT
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THE CHAMELEONS "In Shreds" from Single
THE CURE "A Short Term Effect" from Pornography
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Green Fingers" from A Kiss In The Dreamhouse
THE DANSE SOCIETY "Belief" from Seduction (The Society Collection)
SAD LOVERS & GIANTS "When I See You" from Epic Garden Music
COMSAT ANGELS "What Else!?" from Fiction
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "The Back of Love" from Single
RHYTHM CORPS "Solidarity" from Paquet de Cinq - EP
U2 "A Celebration" from Single
THE CHURCH "A Fire Burns" from The Blurred Crusade
PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Goodbye" from Forever Now
THE FIXX "Red Skies" from Shuttered Room
SPLIT ENZ "Hello Sandy Allen" from Time and Tide
XTC "Senses Working Overtime" from English Settlement
ENGLISH BEAT "Save It for Later" from Special Beat Service
HAIRCUT 100 "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" from Pelican West
ALTERED IMAGES "Think That It Might" from Pinky Blue
THE JAM "Town Called Malice" from The Gift
THE B-52s "Nip It In The Bud" from Mesopotamia
DEVO "That's Good" from Oh No, It's Devo!
OINGO BOINGO "Private Life" from Nothing to Fear
THOMAS DOLBY "Europa And The Pirate Twins" from The Golden Age of Wireless
THE THREE O'CLOCK "I Go Wild" from Baroque Hoedown EP
TRANSLATOR "Sleeping Snakes" from Heartbeats And Triggers
R.E.M. "Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)" from Chronic Town - EP
INXS "Here Comes" from Shabooh Shoobah
MIDNIGHT OIL "Read About It" from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
HUNTERS & COLLECTORS "Talking to a Stranger" from 12" Single

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