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80s Underground: 09.14.20
September 15, 2020 05:19 PM PDT
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THE CHAMELEONS – Pleasure & Pain (BBC single) 1985
KILLING JOKE – Love of the Masses (Brighter Than a Thousand Suns) 1986
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. – The Body (Happy?) 1987
SKINNY PUPPY – Smothered Hope (Remission) 1984
THE LAUGHING MOTHERS – Tunnel (7” single) 1985
CLAN OF XYMOX – Muscoviet Mosquito (single) 1986
VEX – Pressure (single) 1983
MODERN EON – Waiting for the Cavalry (Fiction Tales) 1981
RUTS DC – Despondency (Animal Now) 1981
PETE SHELLEY – Telephone Operator (XL-1) 1983
GARY NUMAN – America (7” single) 1988
NEW ORDER – All Day Long (Brotherhood) 1986
THE LUCY SHOW – Undone (Undone) 1985
REAL LIFE – Catch Me I’m Falling (Heartland) 1983
VOICE FARM – Johnny Belinda (single) 1988
CHINA CRISIS – King a Catholic Style (Flaunt the Imperfection) 1985
JULIAN COPE – Land of Fear (Fried) 1984
SPLIT ENZ – History Never Repeats (Waiata) 1981
SQUEEZE – Farfisa Beat (Argy Bargy) 1980
XTC – Dear God (Skylarking) 1986
THE JAM – The Bitterest Pill (single) 1982
THE ENGLISH BEAT – Two Swords (I Just Can’t Stop It) 1980
THE SPECIALS – Stupid Marriage (s/t) 1980
ADAM & THE ANTS – Dog Eat Dog (Kings of the Wild Frontier) 1980
THE FLIRTS – We Just Want to Dance (10 Cents a Dance) 1982
DEVO – Doctor Detroit (single) 1983
OINGO BOINGO – Private Life (Nothing to Fear) 1982
B-52s – Nip It in the Bud (Mesopotamia) 1982
X – Breathless (Single) 1983
THE PLASMATICS – Butcher Baby (New Hope for the Wretched) 1980

80s Underground: 09.08.20
September 08, 2020 02:10 PM PDT
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WIRE “Kidney Bingos” from Wire: The A List (1987)
REAL LIFE “Bleeding Babies” from Let's Fall in Love (1989)
VISAGE “The Damned Don't Cry” from Fade to Grey (1982)
CLAN OF XYMOX “Agonised By Love” from Medusa (1986)
COCTEAU TWINS “Five Ten Fiftyfold” from Head Over Heels (1983)
FOR AGAINST “It's a Lie” from Echelons (1987)
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND “Boomerang” from Fetisch (1983)
JOY DIVISION “Disorder” from Unknown Pleasures (1979)
SAD LOVERS & GIANTS “Colourless Dream” from Epic Garden Music (1982)
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES “Arabian Knights” from Ju Ju (1981)
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN “Over the Wall” from Heaven Up Here (1981)
CATERWAUL “A Flower and a Stone” from The Nature of Things (1987)
THE ADULT NET “Honey Tangle” from Honey Tangle (1989)
SPOONS “Clever” from Bridges Over Borders (1986)
CLEANERS FROM VENUS “Julie Profumo” from The Very Best of CFV (1987)
THE FIXX “Built for the Future” from Walkabout (1986)
XTC “Dear God” from Skylarking (1986)
BOOM CRASH OPERA “Great Wall” from Boom Crash Opera (1987)
LET'S ACTIVE “It Little Ways” from Big Plans for Everybody (1986)
HOODOO GURUS “What's My Scene” from Blow Your Cool (1987)
GUADALCANAL DIARY “Pretty Is as Pretty Does” from Flip-Flop (1989)
WEDNESDAY WEEK “Why” from What We Had (1987)
THE SMITHEREENS “Beauty And Sadness” from Beauty And Sadness - EP (1983)
CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN “Pictures of Matchstick Men” from Key Lime Pie (1989)
PIXIES “Gouge Away” from Doolittle (1989)
VIOLENT FEMMES “Nightmares” from 3 (1988)
THE GUN CLUB “She's Like Heroin to Me” from Fire of Love (1981)

80s Underground: 09.01.20
September 01, 2020 06:05 PM PDT
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SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES – Song From the Edge of the World (single) 1987
LOVE & ROCKETS – All in My Mind (Express) 1986
THE OPPOSITION – A Day In The Future (Intimacy) 1983
COCTEAU TWINS – Aloysius (Treasure) 1984
CLAN OF XYMOX – Agonised by Love (Medusa) 1986
LOWLIFE – Reflections of I (Rain) 1985
NEW ORDER – Sunrise (Low Life) 1985
THE CURE – The Hanging Garden (Pornography) 1982
AND ALSO THE TREES – Shaletown (single) 1987
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Lost & Found (s/t) 1987
THE SMITHS – Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Queen Is Dead) 1986
OCEAN BLUE – Myron (s/t) 1989
FOR AGAINST – Get On With it (Echelons) 1987
THE DARROWS – is It You (Cellar Into Eaves) 1986
SGT ARMS – Walking on the Roof (single) 1982
RED ROCKERS – Til it All Falls Down (Good As Gold) 1983
ROMEO VOID – Say No (Instincts) 1984
CONCRETE BLONDE – True (s/t) 1986
THE RAVE-UPS – These Wishes (Book of Your Regrets) 1988
SCRUFFY THE CAT – My Baby She’s Alright (Tiny Days) 1987
R.E.M. – Pretty persuasion (Reckoning) 1984
X – Surprise Surprise (See How We Are) 1987
THE REPLACEMENTS – Color Me Impressed (Hootenanny) 1983
THE DICKIES – Rosemary (Stukas Over Disneyland) 1988
BIG DRILL CAR – 5 Year Itch (Small Block EP) 1987
DIE KREUZEN – Slow (Century Days) 1988
MEAT PUPPETS – Mirage (Mirage) 1987
THELONIOUS MONSTER – So What if I Did (single) 1989
fIREHOSE – For the Singer of R.E.M. (Sometimes, Almost Always) 1988

80s Underground : EU EDITION
July 07, 2020 05:27 PM PDT
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MARY GOES ROUND – Promised Land (Sunset) 1989
ASYLUM PARTY – Play Alone (Borderline) 1989
LITTLE NEMO – Blue Years (Private Life) 1988
TWICE A MAN – Sense (single) 1982
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND – Polarlicht (Sequenz EP) 1987
QUITE SIMPLE – Victims (single) 1987
GIRLS FROM TAHITI – No Reply (Tower of Love EP) 1984
PINK TURNS BLUE – When The Hammer Comes Down (If Two Worlds Kiss) 1987
CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE – Soldier (This Can’t Be Heaven EP) 1987
THE OTHER ONES – All The Love (s/t) 1986
CUNNING TOY – Searching (12” single) 1987
CCCP – American Soviets (single) 1986
TRISOMIE 21 – The Last Song (Chapter IV) 1986
POESIE NOIRE – Timber (single) 1987
TELEX – Exercise is Good For you (Sex) 1981
GRAUZONE – Eisbaer (single) 1981
THE NAMES – Nightshift (Swimming) 1982
LAVVI EBBEL – Much Ado About Nothing (Albu Meth) 1982
KIRLIAN CAMERA – Blue Room (single) 1985
MARTIN DUPONT – I Met the Beast (Sleep is a Luxury) 1985
EVENING LEGIONS – Your Dimension (s/t EP) 1985
THE CUT – I Wish it Was Simple (Shadow Talks) 1981
PROPAGANDA – Jewel (A Secret Wish) 1985
THE ESSENCE – Only For You (single) 1988
KRAFTWERK – Computer World 2 (Computer World) 1981

80s Underground: Tribute to 1982 (Part II)
March 24, 2020 08:04 PM PDT
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MODERN ENGLISH – Someone’s Calling (After The Snow)
ULTRAVOX – Reap The Wild Wind (Hymn)
GANG OF FOUR – I Love a Man in a Uniform
VISAGE – The Damned Don’t Cry (single)
BLANCMANGE – Living on the Ceiling (Happy Families)
YAZ – Too Pieces (Upstairs at Eric’s)
PREFAB SPROUT – Lions in My Own Garden (single)
THE WILD SWANS – Revolutionary Spirit (single)
ICEHOUSE – Uniform (Primitive Man)
SPOONS – Nova Heart (Arias & Symphonies)
FAD GADGET – Life on The Line (Under the Flag)
THE SOUND – All Fall Down (All Fall Down)
THE NAMES – Nightshift (Swimming)
MOEV – Madhatter (Zimmerkampf)
FRONT 242 – U-Men (Geography)
TALK TALK – It’s So Serious (The Party’s Over)
SPARKS – I Predict (Angst In My Pants)
WALL OF VOODOO – Tomorrow (Call Of the West)
BOW WOW WOW – Baby Oh No (I Want Candy)
SOFT CELL – Torch (single)
TREES – Wildwood (Sleep Convention)
MEN WITHOUT HATS – I Like (Rhythm Of Youth)
SQUEEZE – I’ve Returned (Sweets From a Stranger)
MARSHALL CRENSHAW – Someday Someway (s/t)
LOVE TRACTOR – Chilly Damn Willy (s/t)
DREAM SYNDICATE – Tell Me When It’s Over (Days of Wine & Roses)
THE REPLACEMENTS – Kids Don’t Follow (Stink EP)
X – The Hungry Wolf (Under the Big Black Sun)

80s Underground: TRIBUTE TO 1982!
March 17, 2020 04:24 PM PDT
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THE CHAMELEONS "In Shreds" from Single
THE CURE "A Short Term Effect" from Pornography
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Green Fingers" from A Kiss In The Dreamhouse
THE DANSE SOCIETY "Belief" from Seduction (The Society Collection)
SAD LOVERS & GIANTS "When I See You" from Epic Garden Music
COMSAT ANGELS "What Else!?" from Fiction
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "The Back of Love" from Single
RHYTHM CORPS "Solidarity" from Paquet de Cinq - EP
U2 "A Celebration" from Single
THE CHURCH "A Fire Burns" from The Blurred Crusade
PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Goodbye" from Forever Now
THE FIXX "Red Skies" from Shuttered Room
SPLIT ENZ "Hello Sandy Allen" from Time and Tide
XTC "Senses Working Overtime" from English Settlement
ENGLISH BEAT "Save It for Later" from Special Beat Service
HAIRCUT 100 "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" from Pelican West
ALTERED IMAGES "Think That It Might" from Pinky Blue
THE JAM "Town Called Malice" from The Gift
THE B-52s "Nip It In The Bud" from Mesopotamia
DEVO "That's Good" from Oh No, It's Devo!
OINGO BOINGO "Private Life" from Nothing to Fear
THOMAS DOLBY "Europa And The Pirate Twins" from The Golden Age of Wireless
THE THREE O'CLOCK "I Go Wild" from Baroque Hoedown EP
TRANSLATOR "Sleeping Snakes" from Heartbeats And Triggers
R.E.M. "Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)" from Chronic Town - EP
INXS "Here Comes" from Shabooh Shoobah
MIDNIGHT OIL "Read About It" from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
HUNTERS & COLLECTORS "Talking to a Stranger" from 12" Single

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