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The 80s Underground: 08.20.19
August 20, 2019 03:59 PM PDT
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SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Song from the Edge of the World" from 12" single 1987
DANSE SOCIETY "Red Light (Shine)" from Heaven Is Waiting 1984
KILLING JOKE "Sanity" from Brighter Than a Thousand Suns 1986
WIRE "A Serious of Snakes" from The Ideal Copy 1987
GIRLS FROM TAHITI "No Reply" from Tower Of Love 1984
CABARET VOLTAIRE "Don't Argue" from Code 1987
HEAVEN SEVENTEEN "Let Me Go" from Heaven Seventeen 1982
TALK TALK "Serious" from The Party's Over 1982
CLAN OF XYMOX "A Day" from Clan of Xymox 1985
THE DAMNED "In Dulce Decorum" from Anything 1986
THE BOLSHOI "Someone's Daughter" from Friends 1986
YAZ "Walk Away From Love" from You And Me Both 1983
BONE SYMPHONY "It's a Jungle Out There" from Bone Symphony 1983
BRONSKI BEAT "Why ?" from The Age of Consent 1984
IT BITES "Calling All the Heroes" from The Big Lad In the Windmill 1986
THOMAS DOLBY "Dissidents" from The Flat Earth 1984
YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA "Key" from Technodelic 1981
THE PASSAGE "Drugface" from Enflame 1983
PETER MURPHY "Crystal Wrists" from Deep 1989
THE SMITHS "Half A Person" from Louder Than Bombs 1986
ULTRA VIVID SCENE "Crash" from Ultra Vivid Scene 1988
THE FIELD MICE "Sensitive" from Single 1989
EASTERHOUSE "Whistling In the Dark" from Contenders 1986
McCARTHY "Red Sleeping Beauty" from That's All Very Well But? 1986
JASMINE MINKS "Cut Me Deep" from Another Age 1988
JAMES "What For" from Strip-Mine 1988

80s Underground: 08.13.19
August 13, 2019 04:21 PM PDT
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THE B-52s "Mesopotamia" from Mesopotamia - EP 1982
INXS "This Time" from Listen Like Thieves 1985
ENGLISH BEAT "Tears of a Clown" from I Just Can't Stop It 1980
O.M.D. "Electricity" from Organisation 1980
THE WAITRESSES "Square Pegs" from The Best Of The Waitresses 1983
THE STEMS "For Always" from At First Sight 1987
XTC "Sergeant Rock" from Black Sea 1980
HUNTERS & COLLECTORS "Towtruck" from Payload - EP 1982
WALL OF VOODOO "Empty Room" from Happy Planet 1987
MIDNIGHT OIL "The Dead Heart" from Diesel and Dust 1987
BEAT FARMERS "Girl I Almost Married" from Poor & Famous 1989
JASON & THE SCORCHERS "White Lies" from Fervor / Lost & Found 1985
THE REPLACEMENTS "I. O. U." from Pleased To Meet Me 1987
HOODOO GURUS "In the Wild" from Mars Needs Guitars! 1985
THE SMITHEREENS "Behind the Wall of Sleep" from Especially for You 1986
LET'S ACTIVE "In Little Ways" from Big Plans for Everybody 1986
APRIL SHOWERS "Abandon Ship" from 12" single 1984
CLEANERS FROM VENUS "Julie Profumo" from The Very Best of CFV1987
MIGHTY LEMON DROPS "At Midnight" from Laughter 1989
BOOM CRASH OPERA "The Best Thing" from These Here Are Crazy Times 1989
TOO MUCH JOY "Making Fun of Bums" from Son of Sam I Am 1988
MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER "Gonna Put My Face on Nuclear Bomb" from Frenzy 1986
TRUE WEST "Bitter Dream" from Hand of Fate 1987
CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN "My Path Belated" from Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart 1988
UPS & DOWNS "The Perfect Crime" from Out of the Darkness 1985
R.E.M. "Pilgrimage" from Murmur 1983
THE MANIKINS "Premonition" from Live Locally 1980
THE JAM "Monday" from Sound Affects 1980
JOE JACKSON "Right and Wrong" from Greatest Hits: Joe Jackson (Reissue) 1986

TRIBUTE TO 1981 (Part 2)
August 06, 2019 04:15 PM PDT
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SIMPLE MINDS "Love Song" from Sons and Fascination
SPANDAU BALLET "The Freeze" from Singles Collection
JAPAN "Ghosts" from Tin Drum
THE HUMAN LEAGUE "Open Your Heart" from Dare
GARY NUMAN "Crash" from Dance
KRAFTWERK "It's More Fun To Compute" from Computer World
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE "Cardboard Lamb" from Signals From Pier Thirteen - EP
O.M.D. "Georgia" from Architecture & Morality
POLYROCK "Love Song" from Changing Hearts
DEVO "Through Being Cool" from New Traditionalists
SOFT CELL "Bedsitter" from Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
ICEHOUSE "We Can Get Together" from Icehouse
SLOW CHILDREN "President I Am" from Slow Children
LENE LOVICH "New Toy" from New Toy EP
SCARS "All About You" from Author! Author!
TV21 "Something's Wrong" from A Thin Red Line
THE STRANGLERS "Two Sunspots" from (The Gospel According To) The Meninblack
TELEX "Exercise Is Good For You" from Sex!
HUMANS "Get You Tonight" from Happy Hour
THE VAPORS "Spiders" from Magnets
THE JAM "Funeral Pyre" from Greatest Hits
NINE NINE NINE "So Greedy" from Concrete
THE GUN CLUB "She's Like Heroin to Me" from Fire of Love
X "The Once Over Twice" from Wild Gift
MISSION OF BURMA "This Is Not a Photograph" from Signals, Calls and Marches
ADOLESCENTS "I Hate Children" from Adolescents
BLACK FLAG "TV Party" from Damaged
THE REPLACEMENTS "Shiftless When Idle" from Sorry Ma! Forgot to Take Out the Trash!
AGENT ORANGE "Living in Darkness" from Living In Darkness

80s Underground: 07.30.19
July 30, 2019 04:33 PM PDT
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LOVE & ROCKETS "Here On Earth" from Earth Sun Moon 1987
PSYCHIC TV "Godstar" from Best Ov Psychic TV - Time's Up 1986
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. "Disappointed" from 9 1989
KILLING JOKE "Requiem" from Killing Joke 1980
TWISTED NERVE "Seance" from Single 1984
ROSE OF AVALANCHE "Velveteen" from 12" Single 1986
PINK INDUSTRY "Don't Let Go" from 12" Single 1987
JESUS & MARY CHAIN "Taste of Cindy" from Psychocandy 1985
FRONT 242 "Headhunter, Vol. 1.0" from Front By Front 1988
ACID HORSE "No Name No Slogan" from Side Trax 1989
CHALK CIRCLE "April Fool" from The Great Lake 1987
THE TENANTS "I Love Romance" from The Tenants 1983
IAN LOWERY GROUP "Need" from King Blank To 1989
ZERO LE CRECHE "Last Year's Wife" from Single 1984
THE LUCY SHOW "Land and the Life" from Mania 1986
BOURGEOIS TAGG "Waiting for the Worm to Turn" from Yoyo 1987
THE CURE "A Night Like This" from The Head On the Door 1985
THE TRAGICALLY HIP "Last American Exit" from The Tragically Hip EP 1987
JASON & THE SCORCHERS "Change the Tune" from Lost & Found 1985
GUADALCANAL DIARY "Ghost On the Road" from Walking In the Shadow of the Big Man 1985
THE NORTHERN PIKES "Love Will Break You" from Big Blue Sky 1987
R.E.M. "Catapult" from Murmur 1983
M.I.A. "When It's Over" from After the Fact 1987
BIG DRILL CAR "5 Year Itch" from Small Block 1988
X "White Girl" from Wild Gift 1981
SLOVENLY "Today or CK" from Even So 1984

80s Underground: TRIBUTE TO 1981!
July 23, 2019 04:10 PM PDT
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NEW ORDER "Everything's Gone Green (7" Version)" from Singles
COMSAT ANGELS "Be Brave" from Sleep No More
PETE SHELLEY "Homosapien" from Homosapien
PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Into You Like a Train" from Talk Talk Talk
THE CURE "Primary" from Faith
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "A Promise" from Heaven Up Here
THE TEARDROP EXPLODES "Like Leila Khaled Said" from Wilder
THE CHURCH "The Unguarded Moment" from Of Skins and Heart
U2 "Rejoice" from October
ULTRAVOX "We Stand Alone" from Rage in Eden
GANG OF FOUR "Why Theory?" from Solid Gold
MODERN EON "Euthenics" from Fiction Tales
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Spellbound" from Ju Ju
MODERN ENGLISH "Gathering Dust" from Mesh & Lace
THE SOUND "Skeletons" from From the Lion's Mouth
ALTERED IMAGES "Idols" from Happy Birthday
GLEAMING SPIRES "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls" from Songs of the Spires
SPARKS "I Married a Martian" from Whomp That Sucker
ADAM & THE ANTS "Stand and Deliver" from Prince Charming
BOW WOW WOW "Chihuahua" from The Best of Bow Wow Wow
THE ENGLISH BEAT "Walk Away" from Wha'ppen?
OINGO BOINGO "What You See" from Only A Lad
SPLIT ENZ "Hard Act to Follow" from Waiata
SQUEEZE "Is That Love?" from Singles - 45's and Under
DIVINYLS "Only You" from Desperate
THE PLIMSOULS "Hush, Hush" from The Plimsouls
THE JAM "Absolute Beginners" from Single
EURYTHMICS "Belinda" from In the Garden

80s Underground: 07.09.19
July 09, 2019 04:32 PM PDT
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MISSION UK "Sacrilege" from God's Own Medicine 1986
CHAT SHOW "Kings of Confusion" from Single 1987
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL "Gorgeous" from The House of Dolls 1987
FAD GADGET "Lady Shave" from The Fad Gadget Singles 1981
PINK INDUSTRY "Don't Let Go" from Low Technology 1983
FRONT 242 "Headhunter" from Single 1988
A CERTAIN RATIO "Flight" from The Graveyard and the Ballroom 1980
OUR DAUGHTER'S WEDDING "Red Alert" from Digital Cowboy 1981
STRANGE ADVANCE "We Run" from 2WO 1985
ULTRAVOX "One Small Day" from Lament 1984
COCTEAU TWINS "Orange Appled" from Love's Easy Tears - EP 1986
THE CHURCH "Disenchanted" from Heyday 1985
BIG COUNTRY "Wonderland" from Single 1984
THAT PETROL EMOTION "It's a Good Thing" from Manic Pop Thrill 1986
GENTLEMEN AFTERDARK "Open the Door" from Open the Door - EP 1983
SPLIT ENZ "I Don't Wanna Dance" from Waiata 1981
EUROPEANS "The Animal Song" from Vocabulary 1983
TALK TALK "Dum Dum Girl" from It's My Life 1984
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "New Direction" from Echo & the Bunnymen 1987
CATERWAUL "Not Today" from Pin and Web 1989
BIG DIPPER "Ron Klaus Wrecked His House" from Supercluster 1987
SCRUFFY THE CAT "Tiger Tiger" from High Octane Revival 1986
THE PRIMITONS "All My Friends" from Don't Go Away: Collected Works 1985
JET BLACK BERRIES "Judas Tree" from Animal Necessity 1988
SCREAMING TRIBESMEN "Move a Little Closer" from Move a Little Closer 1984
DEL FUEGOS "It's Alright" from Boston, Mass. 1985
THE REPLACEMENTS "I'll Be You" from Don't Tell a Soul 1989

80s Underground: 07.02.19
July 02, 2019 04:06 PM PDT
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B-52s "Trism" from Whammy! 1983
DEVO "Love Without Anger" from New Traditionalists 1981
THE BUGGLES "Adventures in Modern Recording" from Single 1981
OINGO BOINGO "Reptiles And Samurai" from Nothing to Fear 1982
THE FIXX "A Letter To Both Sides" from Fletch (Soundtrack) 1985
ALTERED IMAGES "Pinky Blue" from Pinky Blue 1982
STEPHEN TIN TIN DUFFY "Kiss Me" from The Ups and Downs 1985
PETE SHELLEY "(Millions Of People) No One Like You" from XL1 1983
MARC ALMOND "Love Letter" from Stories Of Johnny 1985
SSQ "Synthecide" from Playback 1983
GANG OF FOUR "What We All Want" from Solid Gold 1981
POLYROCK "Love Song" from Changing Hearts 1982
NEW ORDER "The Village" from Power, Corruption & Lies 1983
SECOND COMING "Scare Crows" from Single 1985
GHOST DANCE "When I Call" from Word to the Wise 1987
PLASTERSCENE REPLICAS "When We Walk" from Glow 1988
TRANSLATOR "I Love You" from No Time Like Now 1983
FALLING JOYS "You're in a Mess" from Wish List (Remastered) 1988
GO-BETWEENS "Bachelor Kisses" from 12" Single 1984
AZTEC CAMERA "Still On Fire" from Knife 1984
LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS "Grace" from Easy Pieces 1985
THE BLUEBELLS "Forever More" from The Singles Collection 1982
THE WILD SWANS "The Worst Year of My Life" from Bringing Home the Ashes 1988
THE PARACHUTE MEN "Goodbye" from The Innocents 1988
THE WILD FLOWERS "Set Me Alight" from Sometime Soon 1988
THE SEERS "Lightning Strikes" from Single 1988
PAUL KELLY "Before Too Long" from Gossip 1986

80s Underground: 06.25.19
June 25, 2019 04:26 PM PDT
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MIDNIGHT OIL "Power and the Passion" from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 1983
CACTUS WORLD NEWS "Years Later" from Urban Beaches 1986
U2 "I Fall Down" from October 1981
THE OPPOSITION "Fool For You" from Empire Days 1985
ALMOST ALONE "Dancing to Kill" from Systems of Romance Vol. 8 1984
PROPAGANDA "Duel" from A Secret Wish 1985
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL "Desire" from Discover 1986
CHAMELEONS UK "Swamp Thing" from Strange Times 1986
COMSAT ANGELS "What Else!?" from Fiction 1982
ICEHOUSE "One By One" from Primitive Man 1982
HUMAN LEAGUE "Heart Like a Wheel" from 12" Single 1980
BLUE PETER "Radio Silence" from Radio Silence 1980
AFTER ALL "Bullets" from How High the Moon 1988
THE WATERBOYS "World Party" from Fisherman's Blues 1988
BILLY BRAGG "Greetings To The New Brunette" from Talking with the Taxman About Poetry 1986
ROBYN HITCHCOCK & THE NEW EGYPTIANS "Strawberry Mind" from Fegmania! 1985
RAILWAY CHILDREN "Chrysalis" from Recurrence 1988
HOUSE OF LOVE "Shine On" from Single 1987
THE CHILLS "Wet Blanket" from Brave Words 1987
CLOSE LOBSTERS "Just Too Bloody Stupid" from Foxheads Stalk This Land 1987
CORN DOLLIES "Nothing of You" from Wrecked 1989
THE REPLACEMENTS "Black Diamond" from Let It Be 1984
X "The New World" from More Fun in the New World 1983
THE SILOS "Mary's Getting Married" from Cuba 1987
fIREHOSE "For the Singer of R.E.M." from If'n 1987
MISSION OF BURMA "That’s When I Reach for My Revolver" from Signals, Calls and Marches 1981

80s Underground: 06.18.19
June 18, 2019 04:28 PM PDT
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RED ROCKERS "Fanfare for Metropolis" from Good As Gold 1983
ICICLE WORKS "Hollow Horse" from The Small Price of a Bicycle 1985
PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Here Come Cowboys" from Mirror Moves 1984
ROMEO VOID "Say No" from Instincts 1984
OINGO BOINGO "We Close Our Eyes" from Boi-Ngo 1987
REAL LIFE "The Longest Day" from Flame 1985
BOX OF TOYS "I'm Thinking of You Now" from 7" Single 1983
TREES "Shock of the New" from Sleep Convention 1982
HOODOO GURUS "Out That Door" from Blow Your Cool 1987
GRAPES OF WRATH "Do You Want to Tell Me?" from Now and Again 1989
R.E.M. "Driver 8" from Fables of the Reconstruction 1985
THE SPLIFFS "Never Say Goodbye" from House of Seven 1987
DREAMERS "Heart Attack" from DIY Album 1982
ADAM ANT "Friend or Foe" from Friend or Foe 2005
THE ENGLISH BEAT "Walk Away" from Wha'ppen? 1981
THE SPECIALS "Stupid Marriage" from The Specials 1980
SHRIEKBACK "Health and Knowledge and Wealth and Power" from Oil & Gold 1985
THE RED "Promises" from The Red - EP 1986
BLUE IN HEAVEN "In Your Eyes" from All The God's Men 1985
PLAY DEAD "This Side of Heaven" from Company of Justice 1985
JESUS & MARY CHAIN "Head On" from Automatic 1989
SHOP ASSISTANTS "Safety Net" from 12" Single 1986
STONE ROSES "I Wanna Be Adored" from The Stone Roses (request) 1989
PINK TURNS BLUE "Walk Away" from If Two Worlds Kiss 1987
THE THREE JOHNS "King Car" from World By Storm 1987
LEAVING TRAINS "10 Generations" from Kill Tunes 1986
THE MICE "Downtown" from For Almost Ever EP 1985
G.B.H. "Malice In Wonderland" from Oh No It's G.B.H. Again EP 1986
LAZY COWGIRLS "Anymore" from Lazy Cowgirls 1985

80s Underground: 06.11.19
June 11, 2019 04:01 PM PDT
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THE CHURCH "Volumes" from Remote Luxury 1984
CLEANERS FROM VENUS "Julie Profumo" from Going to England 1987
SPOONS "Arias & Symphonies" from Arias & Symphonies 1982
THE BUGGLES "Clean, Clean" from The Age of Plastic 1999
PETER SCHILLING "Lone Survivor" from Things To Come 1985
A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS "The Traveller" from Listen 1983
MODERN ENGLISH "Breaking Away" from Stop Start 1986
WIRE TRAIN "Everything Is Turning Up Down Again" from In a Chamber 1983
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Partys Fall" from Tinderbox 1986
SNAKE CORPS "Victory Parade" from Single 1986
CLAN OF XYMOX "Agonised By Love" from Medusa 1986
VISAGE "The Damned Don't Cry" from Single 1982
PAUL HARDCASTLE "Nineteen" from Single 1985
AFTER THIS "Fields" from 7" single 1986
O.M.D. "Radio Waves" from Dazzle Ships 1983
THE TOURISTS "All Life's Tragedies" from Reality Effect 1979
COWBOY MOUTH "Long Hot Ride" from Cowboys and Indians 1986
THE RAVE-UPS "Right Now" from Class Tramp EP 1983
SWIMMING POOL Qs "The Bells Ring" from Swimming Pool Qs 1984
THE DB'S "Dynamite" from Stands for Decibels 1981
LOVE TRACTOR "Chilly Damn Willy" from Love Tractor 1982
THE PRIMITONS "Happy All the Time" from Don't Go Away: Collected Works 1987
THE FURLONGS "Bed She Made" from 2300 Ward 1988
GAME THEORY "Shark Pretty" from Distortion - EP 1984
THE THREE O'CLOCK "Stupid Einstein" from Sixteen Tambourines 1983
SPLIT ENZ "Missing Person" from True Colours 1980
XTC "No Thugs in Our House" from English Settlement 1982

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