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80s Underground: 02.11.20
February 11, 2020 03:57 PM PST
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DUKES OF STRATOSPHERE "Vanishing Girl" from Psonic Psunspot 1987
ROBYN HITCHCOCK "Flesh Number One" from Globe of Frogs 1988
GRAPES OF WRATH "Do You Want to Tell Me" from Now and Again 1989
STYLE COUNCIL "My Ever Changing Moods" from My Ever Changing Moods 1983
GAME THEORY "Shark Pretty" from Distortion EP 1983
RAIN PARADE "What She's Done To Your Mind" from Emergency Third Rail Power Trip 1983
THE LONG RYDERS "And She Rides" from 10-5-60 1983
GREEN ON RED "Clarksville" from The Killer Inside Me 1987
GUADALCANAL DIARY "Fire from Heaven" from Walking In the Shadow of the Big Man 1985
DRIVIN N CRYIN "Whisper Tames The Lion" from Whisper Tames The Lion 1988
THE SMITHEREENS "Green Thoughts" from Green Thoughts 1988
HOODOO GURUS "Bittersweet" from Mars Needs Guitars! 1985
R.E.M. "Bandwagon" from Dead Letter Office 1987
THE DARROWS "Is It You" from Cellar Into Eaves 1986
THE DOWNSIDERS "Curl of Hair" from The Downsiders 1987
THE SIDEWINDERS "Solitary Man" from Witchdoctor 1989
RIVER ROSES "Through The Storm" from Each and All 1988
M.I.A. "When It's Over" from After the Fact 1987
HUSKER DU "Dead Set On Destruction" from Candy Apple Grey 1986
THE LEMONHEADS "Mallo Cup" from Lick 1988
SCRUFFY THE CAT "Tiger Tiger" from High Octane Revival 1986
JASON & THE SCORCHERS "Hot Nights In Georgia" from Fervor 1984
WILL & THE BUSHMEN "500 Miles" from Gawk 1987
SCREAMING TRIBESMEN "Igloo" from Bones and Flowers 1987
LOVE TRACTOR "Spin Your Partner" from Around the Bend 1983
THE RANGEHOODS "I'm Not a Boy Anymore" from Rough Town EP 1984
THE LADS "Neighborhood Kids" from Out From The Shadows 1983
THE DRONGOS "Ghost Ship" from The Drongos 1984

80s Underground: 02.04.20
February 04, 2020 05:00 PM PST
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JULIAN COPE "Saint Julian" from Saint Julian 1987
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "The Game" from Echo the Bunnymen 1987
DANCING HOODS "She May Call You Up Tonight" from 12 Jealous Roses 1985
THE SILENCERS "I See Red" from A Letter to St. Paul 1987
GANG OF FOUR "Why Theory?" from Solid Gold 1981
THE STRANGLERS "All Roads Lead To Rome" from Feline 1982
THE DAMNED "Wait for the Blackout" from The Best of The Damned 1980
THE JAM "The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)" from Snap 1982
SQUEEZE "In Quintessence" from East Side Story 1981
SPLIT ENZ "I Don't Wanna Dance" from Waiata 1981
NICK HEYWARD "When It Started to Begin" from North of a Miracle 1983
ENGLISH BEAT "Too Nice To Talk To" from What Is Beat? 1983
MADNESS "Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)" from The Rise & Fall 1982
GLEAMING SPIRES "Big Surprise" from Walk on Well Lighted Streets 1983
SPARKS "I Predict" from Angst in My Pants 1982
THE REVILLOS "Rev Up" from Sixteen Candles Soundtrack 1983
THE CRAMPS "What's Inside a Girl?" from A Date with Elvis 1986
THE GUN CLUB "Sex Beat" from Fire of Love 1981
THE SLICKEE BOYS "Here To Stay" from Single 1982
NINE NINE NINE "Obsessed" from Concrete 1981
THE AFFORDABLE FLOORS "The Sounding" from The Sounding 1986
TALK TALK "Such A Shame" from It's My Life 1984
BLANCMANGE "Waves" from Happy Families 1982
COCTEAU TWINS "Garlands" from Garlands 1983
THE OPPOSITION "A Day in the Future" from Intimacy 1982
A CERTAIN RATIO "Your Blue Eyes" from Single 1989
THE JACK RUBIES "Be With You" from Fascinatin' Vacation 1988
EASTERHOUSE "Whistling in the Dark" from Contenders 1986
THAT PETROL EMOTION "Sooner Or Later" from End Of The Millenium Psychosis Blues 1988

TRIBUTE TO 1983: Part Two
January 28, 2020 04:06 PM PST
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SAD LOVERS & GIANTS "Man of Straw" from 7" single
MINISTRY "Effigy" from With Sympathy
CABARET VOLTAIRE "Just Fascination" from The Crackdown
FRONT 242 "Take One" from Moments...
BAUHAUS "Honeymoon Croon" from Burning From The Inside
RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY "Take It All Away" from The Singles Collection 1982-87
MARCH VIOLETS "Crow Baby" from Crow Baby EP
THE CURE "The Walk" from Greatest Hits
GANG OF FOUR "Is It Love" from Hard
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND "Boomerang" from Fetisch
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL "Bruises" from Promise
A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS "The Traveller" from Listen
ULTRAVOX "We Came to Dance" from We Came to Dance - Single
ICEHOUSE "Hey Little Girl" from Fresco
HEAVEN 17 "We Live So Fast" from The Luxury Gap
HIDDEN PLEASURE "Beautiful Lady" from Subtle Hints EP
GARY NUMAN "Warriors" from Warriors
THE THE "This Is the Day" from Soul Mining
THE FALL "The Man Whose Head Expanded" from Single
AZTEC CAMERA "Walk Out to Winter" from High Land, Hard Rain
CHINA CRISIS "Working With Fire and Steel" from Working With Fire & Steel
YAZ "Nobody's Diary" from You And Me Both
NAKED EYES "Voices in My Head" from Naked Eyes
XTC "Funk Pop a Roll" from Mummer
THE WATERBOYS "It Should Have Been You" from The Waterboys
THE ALARM "Marching On" from The Alarm - EP
THE REPLACEMENTS "Color Me Impressed" from Hootenanny
X "The New World" from More Fun In the New World

80s Underground: TRIBUTE TO 1983
January 21, 2020 04:12 PM PST
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WIRE TRAIN "Everything is Turning Up Down Again" from In a Chamber
THE CHURCH "One Day" from Seance (Remastered)
NEW ORDER "Age of Consent" from Power, Corruption & Lies
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "Clay" from Porcupine
THE CHAMELEONS "Up the Down Escalator" from Script of the Bridge
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH "Dance With Me" from Is Nothing Sacred
PETE SHELLEY "Telephone Operator" from XL-1
KILLING JOKE "Let's All Go (To the Fire Dances)" from Fire Dances
COMSAT ANGELS "Island Heart" from Land
RE-FLEX "Something About You" from Politics of Dancing
THE FIXX "Running" from Reach the Beach
BIG COUNTRY "Fields of Fire" from The Crossing
U2 "Like a Song..." from War
RED ROCKERS "(Come On Into) My House" from Good As Gold
THE THREE O'CLOCK "Jetfighter" from Sixteen Tambourines
I.Q."Universe in Time" from I.Q. EP
SPARKS "All You Ever Think About Is Sex" from In Outer Space
OINGO BOINGO "Pictures of You" from Good For Your Soul
B-52s "Whammy Kiss" from Whammy!
O.M.D. "Telegraph" from Dazzle Ships
ALTERED IMAGES "Don't Talk to me About Love" from Bite
BOW WOW WOW "Aphrodisiac" from Love, Peace & Harmony: The Best of Bow Wow Wow
THE POLECATS "Make A Circuit With Me" from The Best Of Polecats
ADAM ANT "Strip" from Strip
LET'S ACTIVE "Room With a View" from Room With a View - Single
R.E.M. "Sitting Still" from Murmur
GO BETWEENS "Cattle and Cane" from Single
THE SMITHEREENS "Beauty And Sadness" from Beauty And Sadness - EP

80s Underground: 01.14.20
January 14, 2020 03:58 PM PST
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NEW ORDER "Your Silent Face" from Power, Corruption & Lies 1983
ICEHOUSE "One By One" from Primitive Man 1982
MODERN ENGLISH "Gathering Dust" from Mesh & Lace 1981
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL"Cow" from Desire 12" 1986
BALAAM & THE ANGEL "Two Into One" from She Knows (single) 1986
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND "Sickle Moon" from Viva 1987
COMSAT ANGELS "You Move Me" from Seven Day Weekend HEAVEN SEVENTEEN "Red" from Pleasure One 1986
BLANCMANGE "Lose Your Love" from Believe You Me 1985
DEPECHE MODE "Something to Do" from Some Great Reward 1986
FLESH FOR LULU "Sooner or Later" from Long Live the New Flesh 1987
THE JAZZ BUTCHER "Girlfriend" from A Scandal In Bohemia 1983
ENGLISH BEAT "Monkey Murders" from Wha'ppen? 1981
UB40 "Food For Thought" from Signing Off 1980
THE COMATEENS "The Late Mistake" from Pictures on a String 1983
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "Never Stop" from Songs to Learn and Sing 1984
DIRECTIONS EAST "Room Full of Tears" from Single 1984
THE STRANGLERS "No Mercy" from Aural Sculpture 1985
CHALK CIRCLE "This Mourning" from Mending Wall 1987
ULTRA VIVID SCENE "Mercy Seat" from Ultra Vivid Scene 1988
THE WILD SWANS "Northern England" from Bringing Home the Ashes 1988
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. "Disappointed" from 9 (Remastered) 1989
THE PIXIES "Gouge Away" from Doolittle 1989
10,000 MANIACS "Scorpio Rising" from The Wishing Chair 1985
R.E.M. "Life and How To Live It" from Fables of the Reconstruction 1985
THE VERLAINES "Doomsday" from 12" Single 1986

80s Underground: 01.07.20
January 07, 2020 04:31 PM PST
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CHAMELEONS UK "Inside Out" from Strange Times 1986
ABECEDARIANS "Wild Flowers Grow From The Trash" from Resin 1987
THE DAMNED "The Girl Goes Down" from Anything 1986
PERFECT VISION "This Hook" from Our Broken Crown EP 1984
THE CHURCH "Dropping Names" from Seance 1983
TUESDAY BLUE "Love Me Simple" from Shibumi 1988
THE OPPOSITION "Someone to Talk To" from Empire Days 1985
JULIAN COPE "Charlotte Anne" from My Nation Underground 1988
FIGURES ON A BEACH "No Stars" from Standing On Ceremony 1987
ULTRAVOX "One Small Day" from Lament 1984
O.M.D. "Messages" from 10" single 1980
POLYROCK "Love Song" from Changing Hearts 1981
MARTIN DUPONT "I Met the Beast" from Sleep is a Luxury + 1985
WALL OF VOODOO "Red Light" from Dark Continent 1981
OINGO BOINGO "Reptiles and Samurai" from Nothing to Fear 1982
PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Goodbye" from Forever Now 1982
THE SMITHS "Sweet and Tender Hooligan" from Louder Than Bombs 1987
MIGHTY LEMON DROPS "Inside Out" from World Without End 1988
THE WONDER STUFF "Unbearable" from Eight Legged Groove Machine 1988
CLEANERS FROM VENUS "Julie Profumo" from The Very Best of CFV 1987
LET'S ACTIVE "In Between" from Afoot 1983
CHRISTMAS "Stupid Kids" from Ultraprophets Of Thee Psykick Revolution 1989
T.S.O.L. "Flowers By the Door" from Change Today? 1984
NAKED RAYGUN "Treason" from Understand? 1989
THE DICKIES "Nights In White Satin" from Dawn of the Dickies 1980
X "The Hungry Wolf" from Under the Big Black Sun 1982

80s Underground: 12.17.19
December 17, 2019 03:35 PM PST
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CLAN OF XYMOX "7th Time" from Clan Of Xymox 1985
THE FACT "Into Your Heart" from Always There 12" 1986
KILLING JOKE "Let's All Go (To the Fire Dances)" from Fire Dances 1983
PINK TURNS BLUE "When the Hammer Comes Down" from If Two Worlds Kiss 1987
WIRE "It's a Boy" from A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck 1988
NEW ORDER "Procession" from Singles 1981
DEPARTMENT S "Is Vic There?" from Substance 1981
HUMAN LEAGUE "I'm Coming Back" from Hysteria 1984
YAZ "Too Pieces" from Upstairs at Eric's 1982
ALTERED IMAGES "Another Lost Look" from Bite 1983
INDUSTRY "State of the Nation" from Stranger to Stranger 1983
A DROP IN THE GRAY "All the Same" from Certain Sculptures 1984
ICEHOUSE "Stay Close Tonight" from Sidewalk 1984
BLANCMANGE "Lose Your Love" from Believe You Me 1985
DOUBTS EVEN HERE "Like The Wind" from Single 1989
THE CONNELLS "Darker Days" from Darker Days 1985
TOAD THE WET SPROCKET "Way Away" from Bread and Circus 1989
R.E.M. "Fireplace" from Document 1987
DRIVIN N CRYIN "Honeysuckle Blue" from Mystery Road 1989
THE WINDEBREAKERS "Run" from Run 1986
FIRE TOWN "Where the Shadows Fall" from The Good Life 1989
THE WINTER HOURS "Say The Word" from 12" Single 1988
SOMETHING HAPPENS "Burn Clear" from Been There, Seen That, Done That 1988
RHYTHM CORPS "I Surrender" from Common Ground 1988
MIDNIGHT OIL "Sell My Soul" from Diesel and Dust 1987
HUNTERS & COLLECTORS "Dog" from Human Frailty 1986
SPLIT ENZ "Six Months In a Leaky Boat" from Time and Tide 1982

80s Underground: 12.10.19
December 10, 2019 03:45 PM PST
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THE CURE "A Short Term Effect" from Pornography 1982
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Cities In Dust" from Tinderbox 1986
DANSE SOCIETY "Belief" from Seduction - The Society Collection 1981
RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY "Hollow Eyes" from Talk About the Weather 1985
SECOND COMING "Scare Crows" from Single 1985
GHOST DANCE "When I Call" from A Word to the Wise EP 1987
NEW MODEL ARMY "Brave New World" from Great Expectations 1985
SNAKE CORPS "Victory Parade" from Single 1986
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH "New Church" from The Lords of the New Church 1982
BLUE IN HEAVEN "Julie Cries" from Single 1984
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL "Treasure" from The House of Dolls 1987
THE SOUND "Total Recall" from Heads and Hearts 1985
ULTRAVOX "The Voice (Single Version)" from The Voice - EP
LOVE AND ROCKETS "Lucifer Sam" from single 1986
MY DAD IS DEAD "Baby's Got a Problem" from Let's Skip the Details
BITCH MAGNET "Motor" from Umber 1989
LOOP "Collision" from Collision EP 1988
KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION "Margaret's Injection" from Elephantine EP 1989
SUDDEN AFTERNOON "Acid Rain" from Acid Rain - EP 1986
CATERWAUL "Nevertheless" from Beholden - EP 1988
BIG DIPPER "Meet The Witch" from Craps 1988
THE PIXIES "Where Is My Mind?" from Surferrosa 1988
DUMPTRUCK "Secrets" from Positively Dumptruck 1986
THE PRIMITONS "All My Friends" from Don't Go Away: Collected Works 1985
LOVE TRACTOR "Buy Me a Million Dollars" from Love Tractor 1982
GIANT SAND "Bloodstone" from Long Stem Rant 1989
DAS DAMEN "Noon Daylight" from Mousetrap 1989
THE FEELIES "It's Only Life" from Only Life 1988
GUADALCANAL DIARY "Ghost On the Road" from Walking In the Shadow of the Big Man 1985

80s Underground: 12.03.19
December 03, 2019 04:08 PM PST
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THE CHURCH "Tristesse" from Heyday 1985
MODERN ENGLISH "Chapter 12" from Ricochet Days 1992
MARCH VIOLETS "Miss Amanda Jones" from Some Kind of Wonderful 1987
MENTAL AS ANYTHING "He's Just No Good for You" from Mouth to Mouth 1987
THE STRANGLERS "Always the Sun" from Dreamtime 1986
THE DREAM ACADEMY "The Edge of Forever" from The Dream Academy 1985
THE FIXX "Secret Separation" from Walkabout 1986
THE JAZZ BUTCHER "New Invention" from Big Planet Scarey Planet 1989
THE SMITHS "Pretty Girls Make Graves" from The Smiths 1984
ALMOST ALONE "Dancing to Kill" from Systems of Romance Vol. 8 1984
THE ROMANTICS "One in a Million" from In Heat 1983
A CERTAIN RATIO "Wild Party" from Single 1985
GANG OF FOUR "Silver Lining" from Hard 1983
THE FALL "My New House" from This Nation's Saving Grace 1985
NEW ORDER "Procession" from Movement 1981
SAD LOVERS & GIANTS "Cowboys" from Feeding the Flame 1983
KIRLIAN CAMERA "Blue Room" from Single 1985
JOHNNY ZHIVAGO "Looking at You" from Microalbum EP 1983
LOWLIFE "Ramified" from Diminuendo + Singles 1987
BAUHAUS "In the Flat Field" from In The Flat Field 1980
JESUS & MARY CHAIN "UV Ray" from Automatic 1989
FAD GADGET "Collapsing New People" from Gag 1984
FRONT 242 "U-Men" from Geography 1982
MINISTRY "She's Got a Cause" from With Sympathy 1983
CABARET VOLTAIRE "Just Fascination" from The Crackdown 1983
HEAVEN 17 "We Live So Fast" from The Luxury Gap 1983
MENTAL AS ANYTHING "You're So Strong" from Fundamental as Anything 1985

80s Underground: DEEP CUTS Special!
November 26, 2019 04:27 PM PST
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CHALK CIRCLE "This Mourning" from Mending Wall 1987
CHAT SHOW "Red Skies" from 12" Single 1986
QUITE SIMPLE "Victims" from Single 1987
PLAY DEAD "Pale Fire" from Sacrosant B-side 1985
BREEDING GROUND "Reunion" from Single 1982
CORN DOLLIES "Nothing of You" from Wrecked 1989
THE PARACHUTE MEN "The Innocents" from The Innocents 1988
THE ZIMMERMEN "Happy Heart (feat. John Dowler)" from Rivers of Corn 1986
THE WIND "Wake Up" from Living in a New World 1986
AFTER ALL "Bullets" from How High The Moon 1988
KINGDOMS "Heartland" from Single 1984
EVENING LEGIONS "Your Dimension" from Your Dimension 1985
PRIMARY COLORS "Talking In My Sleep" from Paint Love Blue EP 1985
ARMOS OF SOMEONE NEW "Hollywood" from Promise 1988
ASYLUM PARTY "Play Alone" from Borderline 1989
PARTY DAY "Let Us Shine" from Single 1986
THE RED "Promises" from The Red EP 1986
KISS THE BLADE "Young Soldier" from 12" Single 1987
BALAAM & THE ANGEL "She Knows" from The Greatest Story Ever Told 1987
ZERO LE CRECHE "Last Year's Wife" from 12" Single 1984
WHITE CHINA "Real World" from Single 1984
LAVVI EBBEL "Much Ado About Nothing" from Albu Meth EP 1982
BUSH TETRAS "Too Many Creeps" from Too Many Creeps 7" - Single 1980
TWICE A MAN "Sense" from Single 1982
UV PROM "Mobile Home Murder" from Field of Vision EP 1985
THE DOWNSIDERS "My Only Reply" from The Downsiders 1987

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