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80s Underground: 05.21.19
May 21, 2019 03:48 PM PDT
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THE TEARDROP EXPLODES "Bent Out of Shape" from Wilder 1981
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "A Promise" from Songs to Learn and Sing 1981
LOVE & ROCKETS "Haunted When the Minutes Drag" from Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven 1985
ABECEDARIANS "Smiling Monarchs" from Single 1985
THE CHURCH "North, South, East and West" from Starfish 1988
MIDNIGHT OIL "When the Generals Talk" from Red Sails In the Sunset 1985
CHINA CRISIS "Wishful Thinking" from Working With Fire & Steel 1983
PREFAB SPROUT "Appetite" from Steve McQueen 1985
THE THE "Sweet Bird of Truth" from Infected 1986
MODELS "Out of Mind Out of Sight" from Out of Mind Out of Sight 1985
RATIONAL YOUTH "Close to Nature" from Cold War Night Life 1982
VHF "The Peril of Passion" from 1st Impressions 1982
FINAL PROGRAM "Videomatic" from Single 1982
SPARKS "Pretending to Be Drunk" from Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat 1984
THE WAITRESSES "I Know What Boys Like" from Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? 1982
OINGO BOINGO "Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me" from Good For Your Soul 1983
MADNESS "Give Me a Reason" from Keep Moving 1984
THOMAS DOLBY "Europa and the Pirate Twins" from The Golden Age of Wireless 1982
THE CLASH "Hitsville U.K." from Sandinista! 1980
JOE JACKSON "Pretty Boys" from Beat Crazy 1980
THE ROMANTICS "Do Me Anyway You Wanna" from In Heat 1983
MISSING PERSONS "Bad Streets" from Spring Session M 1982
THE PAYOLA$ "Some Old Song" from No Stranger to Danger 1982
THE PLIMSOULS "Zero Hour" from The Plimsouls 1981
HUXTON CREEPERS "Autumn Leaves" from 12 Days To Paris 1986
DREAMS SO REAL "Victim" from Rough Night In Jericho 1988
THE I-RAILS "Still Invisible" from Unfocused 1987

80s Underground: 05.14.19
May 14, 2019 05:49 PM PDT
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GENE LOVES JEZEBEL "Bruises" from Immigrant 1985
THE CHAMELEONS "Pleasure and Pain" from 12" single 1985
COCTEAU TWINS "Garlands" from Garlands 1983
CABARET VOLTAIRE "Do Right" from Micro-Phonies 1984
CHRIS & COSEY "Driving Blind" from Songs of Love and Lust 1984
KRAFTWERK "It's More Fun To Compute" from Computer World 1981
GARY NUMAN "Crash" from Dance 1981
PETER MURPHY "The Final Solution" from 12" single 1986
AIMLESS DEVICE "No Friend of Mine" from Hard to Be Nice EP 1986
MODERN ENGLISH "Smiles and Laughter" from Mesh & Lace 1981
THE CURE "A Night Like This" from The Head On The Door 1985
THE MOOD "Is There a Reason" from Singles Collection 1981
CAVA CAVA "Where's Romeo?" from Single 1982
THE CHILLS "House With a Hundred Rooms" from 12" single 1987
THE BATS "Made Up in Blue" from 12" single 1986
DREAM SYNDICATE "Burn" from Medicine Show 1984
THE FEELIES "On The Roof" from The Good Earth 1986
DOWNY MILDEW "Burnt Bridges" from Broomtree 1987
ZEITGEIST "Araby" from Translate Slowly 1985
THE DOWNSIDERS "My Only Reply" from The Downsiders 1987
DAS DAMEN "Pendant" from Triskaidekaphobe 1988
SONIC YOUTH "Teenage Riot" from Daydream Nation 1988
MEAT PUPPETS "Other Kinds of Love" from Out My Way 1986
CAMPBER VAN BEETHOVEN "Photograph" from Vampire Can Mating Oven 1986
REDD KROSS "Lovedoll Superstar" from V/A Lovedolls Superstar 1987
THE PLASMATICS "Monkey Suit" from New Hope For the Wretched 1980
X "Los Angeles" from Los Angeles 1980

80s Underground: 05.07.19
May 07, 2019 03:45 PM PDT
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COMSAT ANGELS "Do The Empty House" from Sleep No More 1981
THE BOLSHOI "Someone's Daughter" from Friends 1986
LOVE & ROCKETS "Lucifer Sam" from single 1986
P.I.L. "This Is Not a Love Song" from This is What You Want... 1984
GANG OF FOUR "I Found That Essence Rare" from Entertainment 1979
WIRE "It's a Boy" from A Bell Is a Cup Until It Is Struck 1988
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "Monkeys" from Crocodiles 1980
THE FALL "Victoria" from The Frenz Experiment 1988
U2 "A Celebration" from Single 1982
SIMPLE MINDS "Waterfront" from Sparkle in the Rain 1984
TALKING HEADS "Creatures of Love" from Little Creatures 1985
ICEHOUSE "We Can Get Together" from Icehouse 1981
O.M.D. "Georgia" from Architecture & Morality 1981
ROXY MUSIC "Angel Eyes" from Manifesto 1979 *request*
KATE BUSH "The Dreaming" from The Dreaming 1982
TUESDAY BLUE "Love Me Simple" from Shibumi 1988
PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Run and Run" from Forever Now 1982
THE NAILS "Let It All Hang Out" from Mood Swing 2007
WALL OF VOODOO "Red Light" from Dark Continent 1981
PYLON "Beep" from Chomp 1983
fIREHOSE "Brave Captain" from Ragin', Full-On 1986
DOUGHBOYS "You're Related" from Whatever 1987
JET BLACK BERRIES "Tomb of Love" from Desperate Fires 1986
THE SIDEWINDERS "What Am I Supposed to Do?" from Witchdoctor 1989
DRIVIN N CRYIN "House for Sale" from Mystery Road 1989
BEAT FARMERS "God Is Here Tonight" from Pursuit of Happiness 1987
ELEVENTH DREAM DAY "Love to Hate to Love" from Beet 1989
THE REDUCERS "Screaming Too" from Cruise to Nowhere 1985
LIONS & GHOSTS "Mary Goes Round" from Velvet Kiss Lick of the Lime 1987

80s Underground: 04.30.19
April 30, 2019 04:04 PM PDT
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NEW MODEL ARMY "White Coats" from Great Expectations: The Singles Collection 1987
SAD LOVERS & GIANTS "Imagination" from Feeding the Flame 1983
FOR AGAINST "Get On With It" from Echelons 1987
SKELETAL FAMILY "She Cries Alone" from Futile Combat 1985
BALAAM & THE ANGEL "Love Me" from Sun Family 1986
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND "Mondlicht" from Tocsin 1984
THE STRANGLERS "All Roads Lead to Rome" from Feline 1982
THE SUGARCUBES "Motorcrash" from Life's Too Good 1988
GENERAL PUBLIC "Burning Bright" from ...All The Rage 1984
THE CULT "She Sells Sanctuary" from She Sells Sanctuary 1985
THE ALARM "Marching On" from The Alarm EP 1983
THE JAM "Town Called Malice" from The Gift 1982
THE CHORDS "Something’s Missing" from It Was Twenty Years Ago Today 1980
ROCKPILE "Teacher Teacher" from Seconds of Pleasure 1980
SQUEEZE "Is That Love" from Singles - 45's And Under 1981
XTC "Towers of London" from Black Sea 1980
TELEX "Exercise Is Good For You" from Sex 1981
MEN WITHOUT HATS "I Like" from Rhythm of Youth 1982
OINGO BOINGO "Little Girls" from Only A Lad 1981
DEVO "Gates of Steel (live)" from Live EP 1980 1980
BOOMTOWN RATS "Up All Night" from Up All Night 1981
BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE "The Bottom Line" from This Is B.A.D. 1985
THE PROFESSIONALS "Little Boys" from I Didn't See It Coming 1981
AGENT ORANGE "Fire In The Rain" from This Is the Voice 1986
HUSKER DU "Flip Your Wig" from Flip Your Wig 1985
THE REPLACEMENTS "I'll Buy" from Tim 1985
SCREAMING TRIBESMEN "Casualty of Love" from Bones + Flowers 1987

80s Underground: 04.23.19
April 23, 2019 04:35 PM PDT
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THE DAMNED "Grimly Fiendish" from Phantasmagoria 1985
JESUS & MARY CHAIN "April Skies" from Darklands 2004
DANSE SOCIETY "Somewhere" from Heaven Is Waiting 1984
KILLING JOKE "Feast of Blaze" from Fire Dances 1983
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH "Dance With Me" from s/t 1982
HOUSE OF LOVE "Destroy The Heart" from The House of Love: Best of 1988
THE STONE ROSES "Made of Stone" from Stone Roses 1989
THE DARLING BUDS "The Other Night" from Pop Said 1988
LUSH "Second Sight" from Scar 1989
KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION "The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule" from Love Is Hell 1989
THE WONDER STUFF "Unbearable" from The Eight Legged Groove Machine 1988
THE OCEAN BLUE "Between Something And Nothing" from The Ocean Blue 1989
PURE JOY "Standing On A Bridge" from Unsung 1988
RED ROCKERS "China" from Good As Gold 1983
U2 "In God's Country" from The Joshua Tree 1987
BIG COUNTRY "Fields of Fire" from The Crossing 1996
HOODOO GURUS "Tojo" from Stoneage Romeos 2006
R.E.M. "I Believe" from Life's Rich Pageant 2014
RAIN PARADE "Mystic Green" from Crashing Dream 1985
KISSING THE PINK "Love Lasts Forever" from Naked 1983
THE FIXX "Red Skies" from Shuttered Room 1982
THE ENGLISH BEAT "Two Swords" from I Just Can't Stop It 1980
BOW WOW WOW "Do You Wanna Hold Me?" from Do You Wanna Hold Me? 1983
B-52s "Song for a Future Generation" from Whammy! 1983
PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Heaven" from Mirror Moves 1984
O.M.D. "(Forever) Live and Die" from The Pacific Age 1986
CAMOUFLAGE "The Great Commandment" from Voices and Images 1988
TALK TALK "Another World" from The Party's Over 1982
PSEUDO ECHO "Listening" from Autumnal Park 1983
THE WILD SWANS "Revolutionary Spirit" from Single 1982

80s Underground: 04.16.19
April 16, 2019 05:53 PM PDT
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SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Dear Prudence" from Hyaena 1984
PLAY DEAD "Pale Fire" from Sacrosant b-side 1985
THE CHAMELEONS "Up the Down Escalator" from Script Of The Bridge 1983
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "The Killing Moon" from Ocean Rain 1984
ULTRAVOX "Reap the Wild Wind" from 12" single 1982
THE CHURCH "Dropping Names" from Seance 1984
LOVE & ROCKETS "An American Dream" from Express 1986
MODERN ENGLISH "Someone's Calling" from After the Snow 1982
NEW ORDER "Your Silent Face" from Power, Corruption And Lies 1983
THE CURE "Primary" from Staring At the Sea - The Singles 1981
THE SMITHS "There Is a Light Than Never Goes Out" from The Queen Is Dead 1986
THE HOUSEMARTINS "Anxious" from London 0 Hull 4 1986
MIGHTY LEMON DROPS "Inside Out" from World Without End 1988
THE THREE O'CLOCK "I Go Wild" from Baroque Hoedown EP 1982
WIRE TRAIN "Love, Love" from Between Two Words 1985
TRANSLATOR "Un-Alone" from No Time Like Now 1983
THE LIFE "The One" from Alone 1987
X "4th of July" from See How We Are 1987
DUMPTRUCK "Walk Into Mirrors" from Positively Dumptruck 1986
THE PIXIES "Here Comes Your Man" from Doolittle 1989
GUADALCANAL DIARY "Litany" from 2X4 1987
RIGHT AS RAIN "Rain" from Undertown 1988
THE CONNELLS "Something To Say" from Fun & Games 1989
GRAPES OF WRATH "O Lucky Man" from Treehouse 1987
THE GO-BETWEENS "Bye Bye Pride" from Tallulah 1987
JULIAN COPE "St. Julian" from Saint Julian 1987
XTC "Earn Enough For Us" from Skylarking 1986
SPLIT ENZ "One Step Ahead" from Waiata 1981

80s Underground: 04.09.19
April 09, 2019 04:55 PM PDT
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ENGLISH BEAT "Pato and Roger a Go Talk" from Special Beat Service 1982
THE UNTOUCHABLES "What's Gone Wrong" from Live and Let Dance 1984
THE SUBURBS "Love is the Law" from The Suburbs 1978
TALK TALK "Life Is What You Make It" from The Colour of Spring 1986
ULTRAVOX "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" from Lament 1984
PETE SHELLEY "No One Like You" from XL-1 1983
THE FOUNTAINHEAD "Sometimes" from The Burning Touch 1986
ALTERED IMAGES "Another Lost Look" from Bite 1983
DOLLY MIXTURE "Everything And More" from Remember This: The Singles Collection 1980-1984 1982
INXS "Doctor" from INXS 1980
SWING SET "Blackout" from Life Speeds Up 1986
THE X-TEENS "Kiss and Make Up Time" from Love and Politics 1984
THE LYRES "Help You Ann" from On Fire 1984
THE CRAMPS "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" from A Date With Elvis 1986
X "The New World" from More Fun in the New World 1984
T.S.O.L. "American Zone" from Change Today? 1999
THE VANDALS "Mohawk Town" from When in Rome 1984
THE MINUTEMEN "Courage" from 3-Way Tie (For Last) 1985
THE RAINYARD "So Happy Now" from A Thousand Days 1989
THE DANGTRIPPERS "When Time Runs Out" from Days Between Stations 1988
R.E.M. "Ages of You" from Dead Letter Office 1987
THE JACK RUBIES "Be With You" from Fascinatin' Vacation 1988
THE BODINES "Therese" from Therese 1986
CLOSE LOBSTERS "Skyscrapers of St Mirin" from What Is There to Smile About? 1988
RAILWAY CHILDREN "Chrysalis" from Recurrence 1988
THE SMITHS "Sweet And Tender Hooligan" from Louder Than Bombs 1987
THE PRIMITIVES "Noose" from Pure 1989
THE BLUEBELLS "I'm Falling" from The Singles Collection 1984
EURYTHMICS "Belinda" from In the Garden 1981

80s Underground: 03.26.19
March 26, 2019 03:51 PM PDT
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THE CHAMELEONS "Return Of The Roughnecks" from What Does Anything Mean? Basically 1985
THE SOUND "Sense of Purpose" from From the Lion's Mouth 1981
BLITZ "Solar" from Single 1983
THE SNAKE CORPS "Calling You" from Single 1989
PARTY DAY "Rabbit Pie" from Glasshouse 1985
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Green Fingers" from A Kiss In the Dreamhouse 1982
CLAN OF XYMOX "Michelle" from Medusa 1986
MOEV "Circles and Squares" from Dusk & Desire 1986
JAPAN "Quiet Life" from Quiet Life 1979
NAKED EYES "No Flowers Please" from Fuel for the Fire 1984
PREFAB SPROUT "Here On the Eerie" from Swoon 1984
MICRODISNEY "Birthday Girl" from The Clock Comes Down the Stairs 1985
LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS "Patience" from Rattlesnakes (Remastered) 1985
THAT PETROL EMOTION "Swamp" from Babble 1987
SHOOT!DISPUTE "Can't Believe" from Single 1984
THE PAYOLA$ "Some Old Song" from No Stranger to Danger 1982
JO BOXERS "Boxerbeat" from Like Gangbusters 1983
MADNESS "Embarassment" from Absolutely 1980
THE ENGLISH BEAT "What's Your Best Thing?" from What Is Beat? 1983
SQUEEZE "Another Nail In My Heart" from Argybargy 1981
ROBYN HITCHCOCK "Fifty Two Stations" from Groovy Decoy 1986
HUXTON CREEPERS "I Will Persuade You" from 12 Days To Paris 1986
XTC "Towers of London" from Black Sea 1980
THE SMITHEREENS "Hand of Glory" from Especially for You 1986
THE DREAM SYNDICATE "Let It Rain" from Out Of The Grey 1986
R.E.M. "Moral Kiosk" from Murmur 1983
FETCHIN' BONES "God's Hanky" from Cabin Flounder 1985
THE DOWNSIDERS "Curl Of Hair" from The Downsiders 1987

80s Underground: 03.12.19
March 12, 2019 05:10 PM PDT
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THE CHURCH “Myrrh” from Heyday (1985)
ASYLUM PARTY “The Sweetness of My Pain” from Picture One (1988)
SUN AND THE MOON “Speed of Life” from s/t (1988)
THE RED “Promises” from Promises (1985)
U2 “In God's Country” from The Joshua Tree (1987)
THE ALARM “Strength” from Strength (1985)
THE WATERBOYS “Medicine Bow” from This Is the Sea (1985)
THE SILENCERS “Painted Moon” from A Letter from St. Paul (1987)
JULIAN COPE “Charlotte Anne” from My Nation Underground (1988)
SIMPLE MINDS “New Gold Dream” from New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (1982)
UNTIL DECEMBER “Live Alone in Shame” from Until December (1986)
O.M.D. “Stay (The Black Rose/Universal Wheel)” from The Pacific Age (1986)
13TH CHIME “Cursed” from The Singles: 1981-1983 (1982)
MODERN EON “Euthentics” from Fiction Tales (1981)
VIRGIN PRUNES “Baby Turns Blue” from Single (1982)
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. “FFF” from Album (1986)
PIXIES “Ed Is Dead” from Come On Pilgrim (1987)
fIREHOSE “Sometimes” from If'n (1987)
X “Burning House of Love” from Ain't Love Grand (1985)
SIDEWINDERS “Witchdoctor” from Witchdoctor (1989)
BIG DRILL CAR “Diamond Earrings” from Album Type Thing (1989)
THE DICKIES “Cross Eyed Tammy” from Second Coming (1989)
NAKED RAYGUN “Home of the Brave” from All Rise (1985)
SONIC YOUTH “Silver Rocket” from Daydream Nation (1988)
THE FACT “Into Your Heart” from Always There EP (1986)
ROSE OF AVALANCHE “Velveteen” from 12" single (1986)

80s Underground: 03.05.19
March 05, 2019 04:11 PM PST
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LET'S ACTIVE “Every Word Means No” from Afoot (1983)
THE THREE O'CLOCK “Jetfighter” from Sixteen Tambourines / Baroque Hoedown (1983)
TRUE WEST “Steps To The Door” from Two True (1983)
THE PRIMITONS “All My Friends” from Don't Go Away: BIG DIPPER “All Going Out Together” from Supercluster - Anthology (1987)
DUMPTRUCK “Carefree” from For the Country (1987)
GUADALCANAL DIARY “Pray For Rain” from Jamboree (1986)
R.E.M. “Burning Down” from Dead Letter Office (1987)
HOODOO GURUS “I Want You Back” from Stoneage Romeos (1984)
MIDNIGHT OIL “Sell My Soul” from Diesel and Dust (1987)
CRASH STREET KIDS “Little Girls” from Crash Street Kids (1982)
THE REPLACEMENTS “Bastards of Young” from Tim (1985)
SOUL SYLUM “Cartoon” from Hang Time (1988)
HUSKER DU “These Important Years” from Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987)
THE LOVE IN “Late as Usual” from The Love In (1987)
THE LILAC TIME “Together” from The Lilac Time (1988)
THE SMITHS “I Started Something I Couldn't Finish” from Strangeways, Here We Come (1987)
McCARTHY “What Our Boys are Fighting For” from The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth (1989)
DEL AMITRI “I Was Here” from Del Amitri (1985)
THE CHILLS “Wet Blanket” from Brave Words (1987)
THE MEKONS “Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet” from The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll (1989)
BLEACHED BLACK “I Can't Be Happy” from Wrist Slashing Romance EP (1985)
CHATSHOW “Red Skies” from 12" Single (1986)
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL “Heartache” from Discover (1986)
NEW MODELS “Say What” from Sight and Sound EP (1983)
CABARET VOLTAIRE “White Car” from code (1987)
THE CURE “The Baby Screams” from The Head On The Door (1985)
INXS “Here Comes” from Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
THE X-TEENS “Say It Isn't So” from Love and Politics (1984)
LET'S ACTIVE “Easy Does” from Cypress (1984)

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